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Hello, world

Hello, world

Welcome to Landy! We're making a product that will allow marketers to create conversion focussed landing pages - incredibly quickly.


Landy lets you create conversion focussed landing pages in under 4 minutes. We also allow you to integrate with your existing Google Ad accounts to create, manage and test your pages!


Our powerful no-code page builder lets marketeers, founders & agencies go from zero → conversions incredibly quickly - whilst still allowing for deep customisation. Landy creates responsive, performant landing pages with no design experience required. Our page builder was created with the intention that it should be difficult to create a bad landing page.


Landy's intuitive interface makes managing pages a breeze - as well as allowing for the support of multiple accounts. We integrate with Google Ads - meaning agencies don't have to leave the platform to apply their landing pages. Not using an ad account? No problem - use Landy to host unlimited pages.


Landy empowers everyone to optimise their landing pages with powerful AB testing tools. Our deep analytics allow marketers to see which pages are performing the most optimally & allow for rapid iteration on your pages - meaning more conversions. The software gamifies conversion rate optimisation in a way that makes generating revenue even more enjoyable.


Traditional landing page builders require a designer, significant time investment, and >$100 a month to use effectively. A lot of companies simply don't have those resources. Instead, sending traffic to unoptimised pages & missing out on conversions. Landy aims to disrupt this model - anyone will be able to create a high converting landing page in minutes.


We're working hard on feature development right now (Nov 2020) - a beta version of the app will be available Dec 2020 & a full release is planned for Q1 2021. We can't wait.